Almería bid for hosting GUADEC in 2018

Well, «Alea iacta est». The deadline for biding to host GUADEC 2018 closed 4th Jun. And we proposed Almería.

GUADEC is the annual developers conference in the European zone, but with common attendants from Asia and North-South America, of the GNOME Project. This is another step to promote Almería as an international technology place and to estimulate new local techies, approaching students and proffesionals to world-class development communities and to the ethos and practice of opensource development. In the age of a «Github portfolio» as a CV resume for developers, the practice in opensource development it’s probably the best to train new programmers, to enhance their employability, and the learning of development practices along veteran programmers and mature communities. And it’s important to show how opensource software is a key component for our digitally connected society.

Again our legal instrument, absolutely key to these activities, is the UNIA CS students association at the University of Almería. The same association I helped fund in 1993 lives a new golden age thanks to a new group of entusiast members. Their support and collaboration made possible to host PyConES 2016, which, as far as we know, has been the biggest software development conference never made in our city. This conference has been a moral milestone for us and now we feel we can, at least, be hosts of other world-class conferences with the appropiate quality. And another key component of these proposals is the current university campus endownment and the support of the present university gobernm team to which we are grateful for their help and support. This is another step to increase the projection of the University of Almería as an international knowledge hub.

Finally I want to express my hope to do a significative contribution to the GNOME project, which I’m related to for more than a decade. Hopefully for 2018 I would have updated my pending GNOME packages in Fedora 🙈

So, here it is, the Almería candidacy to host GUADEC 2018.

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